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Carnage marks first week of 2014 with 6 Jacksonville homicides Monday, police said they arrested 24 year old Jacksonville felon in Saturday's triple shooting at Canterbury Gardens Apartments that killed a man and woman. A third victim was hospitalized after pretending she was dead in the bed during the shooting. No other arrests have been reported in the deaths of a 31 year old man slammed in the head with a baseball bat at his house during an argument about barbecue or a man and woman shot to death in other cases. Assistant Chief Chris Butler said the carnage that began Friday was a series of unrelated attacks. "It's horrific, it's senseless and it's a tragedy," he said. "These were single, separate incidents." He made the comments in a briefing about the arrest of Keith Collins Jr. in the slayings at the Canterbury apartments at 1591 S. Saturday and found three victims. Dead were Emanual Errol Robinson and Latricia Brianna Johnson, both 21, who lived at the apartment. Butler said Collins and Johnson arrived at the apartment where Collins told Robinson and another woman to get out of bed so he could sleep there. Butler said Robinson refused and was shot multiple times, as was the woman in the bed. She pretended to be dead and is cooperating with police. They are not releasing her name, Butler said. The report said Collins went to a dresser and got a second gun and left the bedroom. Several other shots were heard, and Johnson was found dead inside a neighbor's patio where she landed after jumping through a screen. She had been trying to escape through a rear patio. Johnson and Collins had previously dated, Butler said, and described the four as friends. Collins, who was apprehended at a recording studio on Baymeadows Road, didn't live at the apartment but stayed there occasionally, Butler said. He said the wounded victim is expected to recover from her injuries. Collins also is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon. He got out of prison in February for a drug conviction. Early Sunday a man who police were told had been beaten in the head with a baseball bat was found conscious but unable to speak and rolling on the floor at his house in the 11000 block ofof wholesale Oilers cheap jerseys North Santa Fe Street on the Southside. Another man at the house when police arrived shortly after midnight told them Joshua Andrew Heinz, 31, who was taken to a hospital but soon died from the injuries, had invited guests over to watch SaturdaySaturday cheap Oilers jerseys china football playoffs. Late in the night after most other guests had gone, Heinz and another man began arguing over the cutting of barbecue. The witness said he tried to calm the dispute then turned away. When he looked back after hearing a noise, the other man, who was identified as "Chico," was holding a baseball bat that normally was propped by the front door and Heinz was on the floor. Heinz had a large bruise on the his head and became unresponsive. The witness said the attacker left the house as did otherother cheap Oilers jerseys guests, according to a police report. Police have not named a suspect in the case. A man who also was shot and appeared beaten was hospitalized. His identity hashas womens Oilers jersey not been released and no arrests have been reported. No other details have been released. Nagy worked as a bartender at the Overtime Sports Bar on San Jaun Avenue. A display for the business said "We love you Kendra" Tuesday night. Maggie Smith, another bartender there, said Nagy was "like my daughter." Nagy had worked at the bar for about four years, but Smith has known her for 12. Nagy loved to giggle, Smith said. "All I can see is her laughing," she said. "And I always will." Another victim over the weekend was 57 year old Henry Carey Underwood. Saturday inside an Eagle's Edge apartment at 7101 WilsonWilson wholesale Oilers jerseys Blvd. when police responded to a shots fired call. A woman in her 20s, whose name has not been released, had life threatening wounds, police said. No details in that case have been released. No foul play has been found in an unrelated pair of deaths Saturday in Jacksonville, police also said Monday.


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