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Oscar Pistorius trial South African double amputee and Paralympian Oscar Pistorius is accused of murdering his beautiful girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine Day, 2013. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning in the bathroom at Pistorius home in Pretoria. Pistorius claimed Steenkamp was inin cheap Rangers jersey bed and there was an intruder, who he shot four times through the bathroom door then realised he had made a terrible mistake. The prosecution claimed the couple had been arguing and Pistorius knew Steenkamp was inside the bathroom when he intentionally shot her through the door. Over the next few weeks, more details will be revealed about that fateful day. Is Pistorius a cold hearted killer or did he make the worst mistake of his life? Here is what we know so far. If grouped together, the bullet holes could suggest Pistorius at no point fired a warning shot and therefore may not have been thinking about self defence but rather had a direct intention to kill. Even if hehe wholesale Rangers jerseys can show he didn know it was Steenkamp behind the door, Pistorius could still be found guilty of murder, legal experts say, because he shot with intention to kill someone. And what about the stray bullet? Investigators initially missed one bulletbullet wholesale Rangers cheap jerseys that did not hit Steenkamp and which was later found in the toilet bowl. Pistorius fired four times and she was hit three times, in the head, arm and hip. If that is matched with the height of the holes in the door and eventual trajectory of the shots into the toilet cubicle it should conclude whether Pistorius was or was not wearing his prosthetics. This was important as, originally, prosecutors said he took the time to put on his prosthetic legs before killing Steenkamp, and therefore had time to plan a murder. However, the State has since conceded that Pistorius was on his stumps, not his prosthetic legs, but will argue that the number, trajectory and grouping of the shots fired through a locked door could only indicate a direct intention to kill. THE IPHONE AND A GUN have been chasing information on Pistorius locked iPhone for months and may have finally accessed it in the days ahead of his trial through a meeting with Apple officials in the US. Prosecutors say a woman was heard screaming before the fatal shots. If it can be shown that a woman was screaming, then the suggestion is that Pistorius must have known where Steenkamp was and can have shot her by mistake, and that they were fighting. Bullet holes close together could show that he didn fire a warning shot as someone might when acting in self defence. Blood spatter experts will say what position Steenkamp was in when she was hit by the three bullets and whether she was on the toilet or hiding behind the door maybe hiding from Pistorius. PISTORIUS: RECKLESS OROR authentic Rangers jersey WORSE WITH GUNS? Pistorius past behaviour with guns will almost certainly be scrutinised after prosecutors indicated they will add two other firearm related charges. The details ofof official Rangers jersey the charges, not yet clarified, reportedly revolve around one incident when Pistorius allegedly fired a gun out of the sunroof of a car and another event, weeks before the killing, when he fired a gun by mistake in a restaurant. In the first, Pistorius allegedly fired angrily out the sunroof after an altercation with traffic police in 2012. Samantha Taylor, Pistorius ex girlfriend, and friend Darren Fresco are believed to have also been in the car and are witnesses.


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